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Delete a Confluence Space. This article applies to: Confluence. If you have a space either personal or global that is no longer active, follow this procedure to delete that space. Before you delete a space, consider whether there is any content you may want to keep. You must have "Space Admin" permissions for the Space you wish to delete in order to delete it or be a Confluence Site Admin. Ideally you understand how permissions work in Confluence. Step-by-step guide. First, consider if you really need to delete the Space. How do I delete a Space in Confluence? 環境. サーバー版 / クラウド版. 方法 To delete a space: Go to space and choose Space Tools > Overview from the bottom of the sidebar > Choose Delete Space > Choose OK. 注意: To delete a space, you must be the space administrator for space.

Solved: Hi, I want to delete a space that is obviously bugged: As you can see, there are no users defined as Administrators only Ehemaliger Benuter. Deleting a space permanently removes the space and all of its contents, including any calendars and questions linked to that space. Only someone with space admin permissions can delete that space. Deleting a space is permanent – it does not go to the trash and cannot be undone. Solved: Hi, I've recently tried to delete a space on my Confluence OnDemand instance called "prod". It doesn't appear in some menus but it.

Under Link a Confluence space, choose Don't link to a Confluence space. Choose Delete. This only deletes the link between the Confluence space and your service desk, and removes the articles for your portal; you can still view the articles and labels in Confluence. To change which Confluence space is linked to your service desk. When you delete a page, Confluence puts that page in your space's trash bin. You can actually restore the page from your trash if you have not specifically deleted it from your space's trash bin as well.

Confluence groups can be given permission to access Confluence spaces. Individual users can also be given permissions. When a Confluence space is created, two Confluence groups are also. Pages deleted in this way are stored in the trash and can be recovered by a space administrator. Purge the trash to remove the page permanently. If the page you are deleting has any child pages they will be moved to the root of the space. This is really just a guess, but maybe it's preventing you from deleting the space because other spaces are referencing attachments ON that space. Also, you should check the permissions your user has to make sure they CAN delete that space. – MNRSullivan Jul 23 '13 at 13:11.

This can happen when the SQL transaction timed out when Confluence is trying to do something else to delete a space. 診断. Check the atlassian-confluence.log to determine the real cause. For example, missing attachments can cause this issue. I cannot remove a global space or a personal space. You can choose the option to remove the space, but the space is not actually deleted. I can go to the "Browse Pages" view and add a page to the space. HST Confluence. Spaces; Hit enter to search. Help. Online Help Keyboard Shortcuts Feed Builder What’s new Available Gadgets About Confluence Log in Confluence as a Service. Page tree. Browse pages. Configure Space tools. Attachments 3 Page History Page Information Resolved comments View in. select Delete. 4. Conlfuence allows you to export a single page, part of a space or an entire space in a single PDF file. You must have the permission to export the space from the Space Administrator. Go to the space. Open the Browse Space menu. Open Advanced. Under the Export menu select the PDF option. Select those pages to be included in the PDF and click export. 如果你不确定你是否还需要这个空间,你可以 Exporting Confluence Pages and Spaces to XML 为备份。在必要的时候,你可以使用备份的文件重新对空间进行恢复。 希望删除一个空间: 进入空间后,然后从边栏的底部选择 空间工具(Space tools) > 外观和感觉(Look and Feel) 。.

This part will not be treated in this tutorial, as it is not new to Confluence 5.0 - They are described on Web UI Modules as the location ".admin". Here is a comparison of the sidebar link types. Section Two is for the Confluence space administrator. Log into Confluence and view the space where you want to add the users. In the bottom-left corner of the browser window, click Space tools, then select Permissions. In the Individual Users section in the middle of the screen, click Edit Permissions. Confluence 101: organize your work in spaces. Or, where to put all your work stuff. create a space for your team. Since Confluence is ideal for teamwork,. Give everyone in the company or Confluence site the ability to view and add content to the space but not delete. Give your team full access both the ability to add and delete content. 03/03/2019 · Note: The ‘Space Admin’ option appears only if you are a space administrator for the space or you are a super user a member of the confluence-administrators group. Choose Delete Space in the space administration options. 如果你不确定你是否还需要这个空间,你可以 Exporting Confluence Pages and Spaces to XML 为备份。在必要的时候,你可以使用备份的文件重新对空间进行恢复。 希望删除一个空间: 进入空间后,然后从边栏的底部选择 空间工具(Space tools) > 概述(Overview)。.

Atlassian Confluence: how to delete a page 1. - -- Confluence: How to delete a page In order to delete some page, you need to have a permission to do that. If you don't have a specific permission, ask the Administrator of the confluence space to give you such. If. To find older Copy Space for Confluence versions compatible with your instance, you can look through our version history page. Similar apps. Team Files • Microsoft OfficeGoogleDocs. Scroll Word Exporter for Confluence. Scroll PDF Exporter for Confluence. ConfiForms - Data Forms & Workflows.

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